4 CH USB 2.0 Digital Video Recorder Box (DVR) w/ Realtime Surveillance Software

4 CH USB 2.0 Digital Video Recorder Box (DVR) w/ Realtime Surveillance Software
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Product Description


Security is important to you - that's why you have four different cameras running, keeping a constant eye on your home or business. But maintaining four separate monitors and recording systems can be costly and takes up a lot of space.

USB 2.0 Digital Video Recorder


This digital video capture system uses a plug & play USB 2.0 interface so that you can monitor and record feed from up to four different video signals on your computer's hard drive. You may also view the feeds on a TV monitor in either a quad display that shows all four images at once, or a dual display consisting of a main image with a small picture-in-picture window. Since the 4-Camera Color Quad works with virtually any type of camera, you're not limited to certain brands. This 4-Camera Color Quad can automatically save such data as date/time and brightness/contrast/saturation/hue for each camera. The preview window size is adjustable, and you can even define the environment you do not wish to observe by adjusting mask area and sensitivity.


  • Video input: 1-4 AV interfaces
  • Video standard: PAL, NTSC
  • Total displaying resource: 30fps (NTSC) / 25fps (PAL)
  • Total resource of video recording: 30fps (NTSC) / 25fps (PAL)
  • Displaying resolution: 704 x 576
  • Video recording resolution: 704 x 570 / 352 x 288
  • Compression format: H.264
  • Compression bit rate: 64K-2Mbps selectable
  • Size: 98 mm x 60 mm x 20 mm
  • Weight: 50g
  • In order to improve the convenience for the customers, we developed a new product which is a kind of DVR with USB interface. With delicate appearance, elegant color and luster and easy to take, it could support 1 channel real time video input or 4 channels un real time video input. Due to adopt the USB2.0 interface, it supports the resolution of D1 and has good compatibility. It fits for family user and middle-sized and small sized DVR systems. Besides, it has many special functions to make it easy for the customer' usage, for example, plug and play, convenience, practicality clear pictures, electronic enlargement and pre- set space mode of the monitor of the monitor software.



    What's Included:

  • 2.0 USB DVR Box
  • CD with Digital DVR software
  • 1 USB cable
  • 4 BNC to RCA Connector

  • System Configuration Requirement

    CPU: Intel Celeron2.4G or faster
    Memory: 256MB or more
    USB: Standard USB2.0 interface
    Hard disk: 40GB or above
    Operating system: Windows 2000; Windows XP; Windows Vista;
    System setup: DirectX 9.0; 1024 x 768 resolution; 32-bit true color.

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