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Here's our commission rate based on sales figures.
We offer a 6% commission for every sale you make on the site.

Our store has a sales average of 3% among all unique visitors (a normal store has 1% to 1.5%). We have a very high conversion rate due to the fact that we have a secure website designed for Internet shopping. With our unique products and aggressive pricing, we offer a good opportunity for you to make easy money. We reserve the right to modify the commission rate at anytime. However, we will give you the commission rate no lower than the one that you sign up for. The above sale figures are based on total sales for one affiliate account. You can not combine sales between affiliate accounts. You can check the sales status anytime with the sales tracking link that we provide when you sign up for the program.

Payment Methods
Commission Junction will make payments on or around the 20th of each month, and for most accounts the minimum payout is $25 - this varies slightly by country, currency and the publisher's own payout settings if they'd chosen to make the rate higher.

Want to Contact Us About the Program?
Telephone: 626-626-4640
Fax: 516-706-0421
Email: is a premier importer and distributor of the finest model aircrafts and rc upgrades from around the world. We have thousands of products in stock.  We are a secure online shopping site and all orders will be shipped fast and easy.

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