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Product Description

Disclaimer: This product is for the use of developing tools, third party shareware programs and personal backups of legally purchased programs only. We do not take responsibility for any use outside of these parameters or where the use of such a device is illegal in his/her country/region.

EZ-FLASH II 2 128Mb Cart Set For GBA/GBA SP

Note: Item description is taken directly from manufacturer.

Main EZ-Flash II PS Features:

  • Support HardWare Save :
    Build in directly support hardware save, so you don't need to waiting for the new games patch again.
  • Support 5 Key ReBoot :
    You can press down the " R+A+B+Select+Start" button in any time during you play the game,it'll return to the menu screen directly but not need to switch off your GBA.
  • Support RealTime Clock :
    RealTime Clock and calendar built-in, perfect for Fans of Pokemon and the future RTC compatible games.
  • Support Game Hunter :
    You can use your GBA(SP) to search the cheat code by yourself, and you can choose to use these cheat code or not - activate cheats by clicking [Use] in the Writer menu. EZ2 can support the EmuCheat's cheat code format as CHT , VBA . 8bit ,16bit ,32bits target the way.
  1. EZ-FLASH 2 Cart 512Mb (X1)
  2. External EZ2 USB Writer (X1)
  3. USB cable for EZ2 Writer (X1)
  4. Online Software and Driver Download (Link will be provided via email)

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